Media speculate over possible presidential bid by Michael Bloomberg

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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg is prepared to spend one billion dollars of his own money for a 2008 White House bid, the Washington Times reports, citing his friends and “close associates” .

However, Mayor Bloomberg yesterday made light of Senator Chuck Hagel‘s suggestion that Bloomberg could run as an independent with Hagel as running mate. Bloomberg has so far denied that he is running but has not ruled out the possibility either.

Media reports speculate that Bloomberg is considering a run if the Democratic and Republican nominees cater more to the parties’ bases, leaving room for an independent candidate who can attract moderate voters for both camps.

TIME magazine reports that Bloomberg was at first ready to consider spending US$500 million for a presidential run.

Michael Bloomberg could have more money than either party candidates, former FEC chairman Michael E. Toner told the Times. Those funds would come in handy to mobilize the thousands of petitions needed to qualify for a run in some states.

The Washington Times also has reports of a Bloomberg adviser saying some people involved with John McCain‘s Presidential Campaign are prepared to leave and join Bloomberg’s campaign if he does indeed run.

Bloomberg’s advisers have also said that they have been studying and learning from Ross Perot‘s Presidential campaign in 1992. They have called and talked with Perot’s former advisers and campaign workers to learn from their mistakes and experience.

Bloomberg made his fortune with his company Bloomberg L.P., a financial news and data company. Forbes magazine ranked him 44th on a list of wealthiest Americans and 142nd on a list of billionaires worldwide. His net worth is estimated at US$5.5 billion.

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Feasible Ways You Can Promote Inexpensively From South Inc Nashville}

Submitted by: Luba Musgraves

Starting a new business and then finding ways to keep it profitable can be very challenging. But marketing any business on a budget that is small just makes it all the more difficult. South Inc in Nashville, TN is very accomplished at advertising on a budget. They can market themselves very cheaply. Trying to get a business running right when you’re restricted can be a headache. There might be so many things you want to do to attract new business, but without the money to do it, it seems impossible. It’s also not wise to spend money on marketing that isn’t really yours. You need to think of alternatives that let you get your marketing message out there without ruining the budget.

You can bring a lot of traffic to your business, online or off-line, by doing public speaking. Most people are afraid of speaking in public! If this applies to you, here are some things you can do to remedy the situation. First, contact your local Chamber of Commerce and have a talk with them.

YouTube Preview Image

Have you heard of the Toastmasters Club? This is a group that gives speeches all the time. Speaking publicly is actually something that can be done at many locations. Many colleges and universities allow people to speak all the time. Your credibility will skyrocket, along with your reputation, when you do things like this. Networking is another cost effective marketing strategy that really works well. The management team at South Inc Nashville reviews the following quite frequently with staff. So, listen closely. You need to be organized so your efforts are coordinated and will pay off. You’ll find lots of networking opportunities are out there if you look for them, both on the internet and in person. Keep in mind that some networking clubs or groups revolve around certain industries or businesses. If you have an offline business, then you will benefit most from networking in your local area. Jump online and search for suitable groups you can join – you should find there are plenty of them. What you can do is get to know people and ask questions, get help with marketing and more.

If you currently have an existing customer base, this can be very beneficial for your business in general. We need you marketing, these people should also be included in what you do. What you need to do is begin working on building a stronger relationship with them. One method that usually is very profitable is having existing customers join an e-mail list. In your spare time, or with the help of someone else, contact these people ASAP about getting on your list. You can actually improve your marketing communications with some of them, especially your best customers, by providing them with rewards. But you should do that with all your customers, ideally. One thing about marketing on a budget is that there are more opportunities around than you imagined. I hope you have figured out a little from this South Inc Nashville review. Even if you have a decent budget for a small business, you should still use these kinds of methods. What you have to do is get away from having just one or two major marketing methods. When you branch out, then your business will become stronger in many ways.

About the Author: For additional marketing and advertising guidelines and knowledge on how to ensure you get your firm’s name in front of customers, read this review of South Inc Nashville and learn what is needed to achieve success. For basic promotional techniques by South Inc Nashville, visit

. There’s plenty of great articles on that particular website.


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Belgian bus company knows solution for car parking problems

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Monday, May 21, 2007

Do you have a hard time finding a parking space? Take the bus or tram if you go to the city. That’s the message Belgian bus company De Lijn (The Line) is sending to promote public transport as a solution for car parking problems. As a part of their media campaign, they have jokingly suggested that people use the top of the busses as parking space.

Another idea they are using in their media campaign: maybe you could park your car on the bottom of a canal? The bus company is using an invented diving company called Cardive, which has divers that offer to dump your car in the canal. The divers walk around in cities and hand out free bus tickets and maps of the bus network.

To reach car drivers who are not using public transport, the media campaign has several radio commercials that present other solutions to the car parking problem. You could use “asphalt-spray” to camouflage your car, making it invisible for policemen (although you then need to remember where you’ve parked). Or you could use the “flat tire kit”, which comes with a fake flat tire and an inflatable dummy, so it looks like you’re replacing your flat tire. The final idea the bus company has is to use a View-Master to fool parking guards into believing that your car has been stationed correctly.

A survey among 4000 customers of De Lijn shows that two out of three car owners who use public transport, do so to avoid parking space troubles, and in cities this percentage rises to 90%. The survey further shows that 39% use the bus to go shopping.

During the month of May, the auto-bus and the divers tour several cities in Flanders (Leuven, Hasselt, Ghent, Bruges and Antwerp).

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Over 100 people protest exclusion of gender identity protection in ENDA outside HRC dinner

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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

More than 100 protesters gathered Saturday in San Francisco to object to the Human Rights Campaign‘s (HRC) stance on gender identity.

The protesters picketed the HRC’s annual fundraising dinner to protest the organization’s efforts to remove gender identity protections from legislation that would add sexual orientation to the Employment Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA).

The group was clad in a variety of outfits, ranging from street clothing to drag to camp gear; some wore make-up or fake moustaches. Cross-dressers, gays, lesbians, transgender and gender inspecific individuals were in attendance. The group claimed a unified purpose: to express feeling betrayed by the HRC’s action, a move the protesters argued is opposed by over 350 local, statewide and national LGBT advocacy organizations.

The event quickly developed into more than ordinary civil disobedience. The “Left OUT Party: A Genderfal Gay-la” elicited a festive mode among individuals who oscillated between roles of protester and entertainer. At times, it was difficult to determine one from the other.

“Some may say that incrementalism is a smart and sound political strategy, but we don’t think that throwing the transgender community under the bus in the name of incrementalism [is] really what the LGBT community is all about,” explained Left OUT organizer Hunter Hargrave.

Some HRC dinner invitees smiled in acknowledgment of the protest, which handed out fliers supporting a united position on the ENDA and encouraging invitees of the $300 event to partake in the picketing.

The counter-party was organized by a coalition of queer progressive organizations, including Pride at Work, And Castro for All, the Harvey Milk LGBT Democratic Club, the Trans March, the SF Labor Council, the Queer Youth Organizing Project and the Lou Sullivan Society/FTM International. Protesters were treated to speeches by San Francisco City Attorney Dennis Herrera, who was honored by the Left OUT party as a local hero for his work in ending the ban on same-sex marriage in the California Courts, as well as City Supervisor Tom Ammiano.

Mila Ponder, host of transition issues podcast, said she found out about the event at San Francisco’s annual Gay Pride weekend in June, where supporters were handing out flyers. Other attendees had learned about the event through word-of-mouth or networking sites like Facebook.

In addition to Herrera, other honors were presented. “2008 Human Rights Heroes” included State Assemblyman Mark Leno, Police Commission President Theresa Sparks, National Center for Lesbian Rights Legal Director Shannon Miller, San Francisco Supervisor Bevan Duffy and San Francisco Labor Council Executive Director Tim Paulson.

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News briefs:May 18, 2010

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What’s A Quick Breakdown Of Jobs In The Music Industry?

Category : Public Relations

By Rita Henry

There’s a lot more to the music industry than standing up on stage and singing your heart out. A love of music is a key ingredient in all jobs in the music industry – but we all show our love in different ways. Not all jobs in the music industry are about performing. If you’re interested in making music a part of your working life, there are interesting jobs in the music industry that make use of the skills that you have.

What sort of jobs can you find in the music industry? Everyone knows about musicians and performers, or course, but there’s an entire industry devoted to supporting, producing, teaching, publicizing and supporting performers. If you’re looking for jobs in the music industry, here are just some of the careers you might consider.

Music Teacher

A music teacher may work in a public or private school, have a job with a social agency that offers enrichment, or give private lessons. According to the Occupational Outlook Handbook, 3 in 10 music teachers are self-employed, and many music teachers only teach part time. There were about 253,000 music teacher jobs in 2004, but that number is expected to grow faster than jobs in other industries as baby boomers continue to embrace lifelong learning. The median salary for a music teacher is $14.85 per hour.

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Music Ministry

A music minister is far more than the Church organist. Under the direction of a senior clergyman, a music minister may organize the choir, participate in planning of musical events for a church, encourage attendance in church and help parishioners develop and present their own musical worship and praise. The American Guild of Organists offers salary guidelines for Music Ministers that range from $31,000 for a minister with a Service Playing Certificate to $67,000 for a music minister with a Doctorate in Sacred Organ Music.

A&R Scouts, Coordinators and Administrators

If you have a good ear for music and a good grasp of what people like to hear, you could find a career in the A&R (Artists & Repertoire) area. Among the most fun jobs in the music industry, A&R scouts and other professionals actively seek out talent for record labels and production companies. A&R scouts visit clubs and concerts, listen to demo tapes and watch videos to find new talent, and are often responsible for finding songs for existing talent to perform.

Music Therapist

Do you believe in the healing power of music? Music therapists work either independently or in nursing homes, schools and other institutions to use music as an aid to healing, bring enjoyment to patients at varying stages of recovery, relieve pain and provide emotional comfort to patients with various physical and emotional illnesses. For a musician who wants to feel good about his or her work, it could be among the most rewarding of jobs in the music industry.


From freelance to staff songwriting positions, there are many jobs in the music industry for songwriters. You may work alone to write and produce your own songs, work as a staff writer for a record or publishing company, write jingles and ads for the radio or television advertisements, perform your own work in front of an audience or never sing a note. You may write just the words, please, concentrate on the composition of instrumental pieces or write both.

These are just a small sampling of the kinds of jobs you might find in the music industry. For more information, you can take a look at the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ Occupational Outlook Handbook. A career in the music industry can offer far more than a weekly salary. If you enjoy music, can write, play or perform music, or just know music inside out, then you may find your career niche in one of the many jobs in the music industry.

About the Author: Rita Henry is a contributing editor for Jobs In Music, the leading job and resource site for the Music Industry. Interested in receiving only the hottest Music job listings weekly for free? To learn more visit Jobs In Music.


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Ontario Votes 2007: Interview with Communist Party candidate Johan Boyden, Toronto Centre

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Friday, October 5, 2007

Johan Boyden is running for the Communist Party in the Ontario provincial election, in the Toronto Centre riding. Wikinews interviewed him regarding his values, his experience, and his campaign.

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Retail Marketing Is An Effective Strategy To Attract And Hold Customers

Category : Digital Marketing

By A.Noton

In order to attract and hold customers, retail marketing is widely regarded as a very effective strategy during the current period. Regardless of the existence of other marketing strategies, retailing remains very popular as a result of various reasons. The major reason is that the needs of the consumers are directly satisfied.

A lot of products are launched on a daily basis and it may be difficult for the consumers to know everything that is taking place in the market. As such, retailers have the capacity to market any product directly to the customers since this is mainly done inside the store or at any other designated point which is frequented by the targeted consumers.

In store retailing is mainly done to introduce a new product on the market. There are various products which are launched but some customers may not be aware of them if they do not visit the retail stores. In the case of a new product being launched, it is put on promotion and it is the duty of the retailers to explain its benefits to the customers.

YouTube Preview Image

The major benefit of retail marketing is that the customer is in contact with the product. There are likely chances of trying the product if it is the first encounter given that the customer can personally evaluate it to see if it is satisfactory. Being in contact with the product is also beneficial in that the customer has the opportunity to judge a product and make a decision about it. If the customers are interested, they are likely to refer other buyers to purchase the product. This leads to customer loyalty in the long run.

The customer can interact directly with the marketer which is one major advantage of this strategy. Should the customer require any information, it is readily available from the marketer. When the customers have knowledge about a particular offering on the market, they are likely to respond positively to it. All this information can be obtained from the retailers. Product development is mainly dependant on the views of the customers.

It is easier to conduct market research through the effective use of retail marketing strategy. Consumer opinions about a particular product are directly obtained and these can be utilized to shape it in such a way that it will be able to satisfy the needs of the customers. A satisfied customer is a loyalty one.

Retailing as a marketing strategy is cheap compared to other strategies used in this industry. There is no direct capital required to sponsor the campaign such as paid advertisement in the media. Everything is done inside the store or at a particular designated point. It is important to choose target market segments carefully and position them strongly in order to be effective. The use of loyalty cards can also be effective if the market segments are carefully chosen given that it will be easier to retain the customers.

In as much as product launch is concerned, retailers play a pivotal role in marketing it. There are various advantages of this strategy since it is relatively cheap and it involves direct interaction between the customers and the markers. With regards to attraction and retention of the consumers, retail marketing is very effective since the marketers interact directly with the consumers where a reward program can be established to motivate the buyers.

About the Author: Providing custom strategies for reward program since 1981, whether you’re looking for a program update or enterprise-wide solution we can help.


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Indonesian parliament approves privatising of three major state firms

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Saturday, September 20, 2008

The parliament of Indonesia has approved government plans to make an Initial Public Offering (IPO) of shares in three major state-owned firms, privatising them. They are steelmaker Krakatau Steel, Bank Tabungan Negara (BTN) and national flag carrier Garuda Indonesia.

The parliament has left the process fully in the hands of the government, and has set the maximum stake to be sold at 30% for BTN and Krakatau, and 40% for Garuda. Although Indonesia has been known to fund budget deficits with privatisation, the intention is for the funds from this scheme to go to the businesses themselves to allow expansion.

Krakatau expects 3.2 trillion Rupiah (IDR) from the sale, while the estimated price for their stock is between IDR3 and IDR4 trillion (321 – 428 million USD). Both ArcelorMittal SA, the biggest steelmaker in the world, and BlueScope Steel Ltd, the largest in Australia, have expressed an interest in the IPO. Krakatau will use the funds to help finance an expansion scheme which aims to have production doubled to five million tonnes in 2011.

BTN, which focuses on home owner loans, has set itself a target income of IDR36.12 trillion (3.86 billion USD) in 2010 compared to a projected IDR22.9 trillion ( 2.45 billion USD) this year. Net profit for this year is projected at IDR472 billion (50.5 million USD)and is hoped to rise to IDR1.39 trillion (148.7 million USD) in 2010. The bank’s loan to deposit ratio is predicted to rise from 105.05% this year to 144.93% in 2012. BTN hopes to conduct its IPO before the end of 2008.

Is the Indonesian government right to keep majority holdings?
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Garuda is not quite 100% state-owned to start with, unlike the other two, but is very close with 95.44% of the company belonging to the government. Like all of Indonesia’s 51 airlines, Garuda is on the list of air carriers banned in the EU due to safety concerns raised after a string of air accidents in the nation. Garuda expects to raise IDR4.2 trillion (449.4 million USD) in funds from the IPO, and will use IDR2.5 trillion (267.5 million USD) to pay off its debts and invest IDR1.7 trillion (181.9 million USD) in new aircraft.

The government is still working to get a deal to make IPOs for architectural firm Yodya Karya and three plantation firms called Perkebunan Nusantara III, IV and VII.

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Ontario Votes 2007: Interview with Green candidate Marion Schaffer, Oakville

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Monday, September 24, 2007

Marion Schaffer is running for the Green Party of Ontario in the Ontario provincial election, in the Oakville riding. Wikinews’ Nick Moreau interviewed her regarding her values, her experience, and her campaign.

Stay tuned for further interviews; every candidate from every party is eligible, and will be contacted. Expect interviews from Liberals, Progressive Conservatives, New Democratic Party members, Ontario Greens, as well as members from the Family Coalition, Freedom, Communist, Libertarian, and Confederation of Regions parties, as well as independents.

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