Week 14: Nfl Power Rankings

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Week 14: Nfl Power Rankings


Elizabeth Park

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Never at a losing to miss a major marketing opportunity, the exact NFL and the Chiefs announced any fans can take the new jerseys on draft week end (April 26-28) equipped with the chance to assist you pre-order soon.

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Being one of over it events in 2010, Super Bowl XLIV will definitely do Florida a absolute busy state because of the tourists and followers traveling to area that it hurts just to check their favorite hobby live. Since the designated hosts, the type of Tampa Bay neighbourhood has signaled jacks systems go\’ conscientious for the event. Even the highways and the transportations are ready to take both locals and you see, the tourists to its stadium. The hotels and inns are generally geared up for your event as very well.

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. The restaurants have their collage all straightened outdoors as early so as now to submit the multitudes including hungry fans are usually ready to join in the fun.

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Ontario Votes 2007: Interview with NDP candidate Felicite Stairs, Renfrew-Nipissing-Pembroke

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Monday, September 24, 2007

Felicite Stairs is running for the Ontario NDP in the Ontario provincial election, in the Renfrew-Nipissing-Pembroke riding. Wikinews’ Nick Moreau interviewed her regarding her values, her experience, and her campaign.

Stay tuned for further interviews; every candidate from every party is eligible, and will be contacted. Expect interviews from Liberals, Progressive Conservatives, New Democratic Party members, Ontario Greens, as well as members from the Family Coalition, Freedom, Communist, Libertarian, and Confederation of Regions parties, as well as independents.

Retrieved from “https://en.wikinews.org/w/index.php?title=Ontario_Votes_2007:_Interview_with_NDP_candidate_Felicite_Stairs,_Renfrew-Nipissing-Pembroke&oldid=518294”

Male Magellanic penguins pine for pairings: Wikinews interviews biologist Natasha Gownaris

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Sunday, January 27, 2019

In findings published earlier this month in Ecological Applications, scientists from the University of Washington and Center for Ecosystem Sentinels examine the reason for the plummeting numbers of female Magellanic penguins, Spheniscus magellanicus, that have been reported at the birds’ breeding sites in South America over the past twenty years and more. Wikinews caught up with postdoctoral researcher and study co-author Natasha Gownaris to learn more.

In a press release, Gownaris said, “Two decades ago, there were about 1.5 adult male Magellanic penguins for every adult female at Punta Tombo[…] Today, it’s approaching three males for every female.” The findings suggested a disparity in the death rate of juvenile and adult penguins, rather than differences in chick survival, account for this difference.

Punta Tombo is one of the annual breeding sites for the species; it is in Argentina. The penguins travel thousands of miles each year to reach these sites.

The work involved building population models out of over thirty years of data collected by tagging individual penguins. Findings also suggested the pronounced sex disparity might make population models used to predict survival among other birds with a more even gender balance inappropriate for use on Megallanic penguins.

According to the data, since 1987, overall population of Magellanic penguins in Punta Tombo at one of their annual breeding sites in Argentina has declined 40%, while the male-to-female ratio has greatly increased.

Since 1983, the research team has been putting stainless steel bands on tens of thousands of chicks hatched at the Punta Tombo breeding site in Argentina, noting which juvenile and adult birds make it back to the site the next year and extrapolating how many lived and died. Among juveniles, there was a 17% survival rate for males and 12% for females. Among adults, it was 89% and 85%. These effects became compounded every year, reaching as high as six males to one female among older penguins.

The researchers noted implications for penguin conservation: Gownaris remarked, “Over the years, this team has helped preserve the land and waters around breeding colonies like Punta Tombo[…] But now we’re starting to understand that, to help Magellanic penguins, you have to protect waters where they feed in winter, which are thousands of miles north from Punta Tombo.”

Gownaris answered a series of questions for our correspondent.

((Wikinews)) What prompted your curiosity about Magellanic penguins?

Natasha Gownaris: I’ve wanted to be a marine scientist since I was a child, when I would collect sand crabs (Emerita talpoida) from local beaches in New York. I studied fish as a graduate student, but I have a pair of adopted parrots and I am generally fascinated by birds. Plus, penguins eat fish! Studying penguins seemed like a great way to merge my love for the ocean and my love for birds. Penguins and other seabirds are also important to study because they tell us something about the health of the ocean ecosystems they feed in, similar to the use of canaries to test air quality in coal mines. Unfortunately, the decline of many seabird species worldwide is yet another warning sign of the negative and widespread impacts humans are having on the ocean.

((WN)) How did you approach putting together such a large-scale study?

NG: This study started in 1982, long before my joining the lab in March of 2016. Dr. Dee Boersma began this study as a response to a Japanese company’s interest in harvesting penguins for their skin, meat, and oil. Although the project has evolved over time, Dr. Boersma had the foresight to start banding chicks in 1983 and to set up a standard protocol that we follow each year. Since then, over 44,000 chicks have been banded at Punta Tombo. We’ve been able to follow some individuals for 30+ years, collecting detailed information on things like how often they breed and how many mates they’ve had.

((WN)) How much time did you end up spending in Argentina? What was it like at the breeding site?

NG: Members of the Boersma lab and volunteers spend approximately six months each year at Punta Tombo. I was fortunate enough to spend nearly four months at the colony between 2015 and 2017. It’s an incredible, otherworldly place. Magellanic penguins nest in burrows or bushes, and some areas of the colony are so dense with burrows that you feel like you’re on a different planet. The colony has declined by over 40% since the study started…so I can’t even imagine what it was like in the 1980s. My favorite time of the day is around 8PM, when (hopefully fat) penguins are returning to the colony en masse after a foraging trip. They are also most vocal in the morning and evening, making their characteristic braying sound— the related African penguin earned the name “jackass penguin” because they sound a bit like donkeys. The colony is also full of other beautiful and interesting creatures, including a llama-like species called the guanaco and an ostrich-like species called the rhea.

I was fortunate enough to spend nearly four months at the colony between 2015 and 2017. It’s an incredible, otherworldly place.

((WN)) Do you have any theories on why more female juveniles die at sea? You mention starvation; what might be the causes of that, and are there other possible explanations you can think of?

NG: We are not yet certain why females are more likely to die, but we think it must be related to their smaller body size. Because the mortality is most uneven in juveniles, higher mortality doesn’t seem to be related to greater costs of breeding for females than for males. Female Magellanic penguins are about 17% lighter than males and have smaller bills. We think that, because of this size difference, females have a lower storage capacity, can’t dive as deep, and can’t take as wide a range of prey as males — all disadvantages when faced with limited and unpredictable food resources. These disadvantages hit juvenile females even harder, as juveniles are still learning how to forage and often travel further than adults do in the non-breeding season. Counts of carcasses in the species’ migration range support starvation as the main cause of female-biased mortality; while oiled carcasses have a sex ratio of 1:1, females outnumber males in carcasses of starved birds. The only other possibility is that females are moving to other colonies at higher rates than are males, but this species is known to almost always return to its natal colony to breed.

((WN)) You suggest conservation efforts should look at protection of feeding grounds. What sort of measures do you think might be beneficial?

NG: Because penguins migrate such long distances over the non-breeding season, a mixture of tools (including no-take marine protected areas and traditional fisheries management tools, like catch limits) is likely to be needed. Although there is currently some spatial protection surrounding the species’ breeding colony, this protection does not extend to their migratory route. And, of course, everyone can contribute to penguin conservation by reducing their plastic waste, making more sustainable food choices, and reducing their carbon footprint.

((WN)) What do you think might be causing pressure on food sources for the penguins?

NG: The two main threats to the food sources of this colony are climate change, which cause shifts in primary productivity and fish stocks, and fisheries. Fisheries compete with penguins for fish species such as hake and anchovy.

((WN)) Have you noticed differences in behavior among the penguins as the ratios become increasingly skewed?

NG: In a separate study currently under review, we have shown that aggression between males of Magellanic penguins is higher when the sex ratio at the colony is more skewed towards males. We also showed that nearly all females at the colony breed but that, over time, fewer and fewer males find mates. Single male penguins sometimes intrude [on] nests of mated pairs and interrupt the incubation of eggs or feeding of chicks, leading to mortality. In some cases, they will even attack and kill chicks.

((WN)) Your release mentioned sexing the penguins was problematic; how did you achieve it with confidence?

NG: We have some methods of sexing penguins that we feel confident about — using genetics or measures of cloaca size around egg laying, for example. However, these methods are time intensive, so we have also developed visual cues for sex penguins (bill size, behavior, forehead shape). We looked at individuals that had been sexed using both a certain method (e.g. genetics) and visual methods to calculate how often we got it right based on visual cues alone and found that we have very high accuracy. We also used statistical tools to help to deal with uncertainty in the sex of some individuals.

((WN)) How well can you extrapolate population trends at Punta Tombo based on the birds you tagged? More broadly, how well do you think this work represents global populations?

everyone can contribute to penguin conservation by reducing their plastic waste, making more sustainable food choices, and reducing their carbon footprint

NG: It is likely that females have higher mortality than males at other colonies of this species and in other penguin species. We unfortunately do not have enough information from other colonies of this species (e.g. sex ratio and population trends) for an accurate global assessment of population trends. We do know that some colonies of the species are growing but that, at the global level, the species is still in decline.

((WN)) In your opinion, for how much longer are penguin populations sustainable without intervention?

NG: This is nearly impossible to answer without more information on other colonies of the species, but the Punta Tombo colony is declining rapidly. We estimate declines of at least 43% since 1987 from our annual surveys at the colony, but it is likely that actual declines are higher because of the increasingly skewed sex ratio.

((WN)) What are your next plans moving forward with your work?

NG: We are currently studying the sex ratio in Magellanic penguin chicks (at hatching and at fledging) to determine how this influences the sex ratio in adults. There are two priorities moving forward — 1) estimating sex ratio at other colonies of this species and determining whether females are more likely to leave Punta Tombo for other colonies than are males and 2) determining the mechanisms underlying lower female survival, e.g. by studying the foraging behavior and diet of males and females and the individual characteristics (like body size) that correlate with survival.

Retrieved from “https://en.wikinews.org/w/index.php?title=Male_Magellanic_penguins_pine_for_pairings:_Wikinews_interviews_biologist_Natasha_Gownaris&oldid=4567248”

Rugby Union: Ballymore Cup North Queensland carnival

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Sunday, July 26, 2009

Rockhampton Grammar School, Townsville Grammar School and St. Augustine’s College (Cairns) played the North Queensland Carnival as part of the Ballymore Cup quarter finals this past weekend. Rockhampton Grammar School won the final and will play Siena Catholic College in the semi final.

The Ballymore Cup is a state wide Rugby Union competition in the Australian state of Queensland. Schools participating in the Greater Public Schools (GPS) competition do not compete in the Ballymore Cup.

Mackay representative Whitsundays Anglican School did not participate as they could not field a suitable team.

Rockhampton Grammar School 22 – 0 Townsville Grammar School
Townsville Grammar School 15 – 12 St. Augustine’s College
Rockhampton Grammar School 29 – 5 St. Augustine’s College

The two grammar schools qualified for the Ballymore Cup North Queensland carnival final after both teams defeated St. Augustine’s College from Cairns. Townsville Grammar were the better of the two defeating Rockhampton Grammar 22 points to zero, then St. Augustine’s 15 points to 12. Rockhampton Grammar finished the round robin stage by defeating St. Augustine’s 29 points to five.

Rockhampton Grammar School 14 – 5 Townsville Grammar School

Rockhampton Grammar qualified for the Ballymore Cup semi final against Siena Catholic College after defeating Townsville Grammar 14 points to five.

Retrieved from “https://en.wikinews.org/w/index.php?title=Rugby_Union:_Ballymore_Cup_North_Queensland_carnival&oldid=2714777”

What Are The Benefits Of Buying Columbus Foreclosure Homes And How To Negotiate For A Property

With real estate prices reaching an all new high, finding a reasonably priced property has become a daunting task in todays times. But with a large number of properties available through Columbus foreclosure homes, buyers can now find a suitable property at an affordable price which is usually much lower than its real market value.Beneficial aspects of buying through Columbus foreclosure homesInvesting in a property in the capital of Ohio, through Columbus foreclosure homes has a large number of benefits some of which have been mentioned below:Affordable cost of living Considering the high quality of life which is offered by the city through its good educational, professional and health facilities and a large number of recreational options , the cost of living the very much affordable which makes buying a property in this area a very wise choice.Tax incentives – Along with the low asking prices of Columbus foreclosure homes, the department of Housing and Urban Development is also offering tax credit exemptions for first time home buyers which make purchasing a foreclosed property in the area highly beneficial.Vibrant arts and entertainment scene The city is home to several performing arts venues like the Columbus Broadway and Opera amongst many others which have made the region one of the most vibrant entertainment hubs in the country.Ideal location Another great aspect of settling down in the city is its proximity to all the major U.S cities such as Washington D.C, Chicago, Boston and New York.Guidelines for negotiate successfully for Columbus foreclosure homesOnce you have decided on a suitable property available under Columbus foreclosure homes, carrying out a successful negotiation will ensure you a bargain property deal. Understand the current market trends Having a good idea of the current real estate rates will put you in a good position to decide a suitable price for the property available under Columbus foreclosure homes. Appraise the neighborhood Find out about the worth of similar properties in the neighborhood so that you can evaluate the cost of the foreclosed house. Hire a real estate agent As the process of buying a property through Columbus foreclosure homes involves a large amount of paperwork it is advisable to hire a real estate agent to ensure that all the background work has been out in place before getting in touch with the sellers. Estimate renovation costs If the property that you desire is being sold without renovation, make a fair estimate of the costs that will be involved in renovating it so that you can negotiate with the sellers for a lower asking prices Make your bid Finally when you get in touch with the sellers, make a reasonable offer on its asking price based on the market worth of the property as well as the renovation costs involved.With several benefits of Columbus city and keeping in mind the list of guidelines mentioned above will ensure you a successful transaction in buying Columbus foreclosure homes.

Under-reporting of human Bird Flu infections poses worldwide threat

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Monday, November 21, 2005

Possible under reporting of bird flu infections in China and other Southeast Asian countries may be promoting an illusory sense that human infections are very limited. Common press reports only describe fewer than 130 people as infected with H5N1 avian flu and that fewer than 70 have died worldwide. Yet, there are enormous problems getting accurate data, especially in a country like China with a population of more than a billion.

“Reporting a suspected bird flu infection in bird or humans is a very unlikely event,” said Dr. Shoshana Zimmerman of the eHealth Institute. She is also a founder of www.birdflubeacon.com, a site dedicated to bird flu issues. “There are very few incentives to report, and lots of reasons to refrain from reporting. From the viewpoint of local rural small farmers, there is little to be gained and much to be lost by reporting an infection. The worse threat is that their flocks could be killed, leaving them destitute.”

There are many factors which mitigate against reporting bird or human infections of bird flu.

  • The deaths of chickens, ducks, and birds are common events for farmer. Even when a large number die at one time they may see no purpose in reporting the deaths.
  • When a human dies in locations with little or no medical services, the rural farmer’s priority for discerning the cause of death may be low.
  • In rural areas most people are not taken to hospitals when they are sick.
  • Bird flu symptoms are not widely known. If the symptoms are not known, they will not be recognized and reports of possible bird or human infections can not be made.
  • The expenses required for detection are those of proper collection and shipment of samples to one of approximately 200 laboratories worldwide, as well as the testing procedure that requires a two week period of waiting before results are obtained.
  • The lack of incentive for countries to report large scale outbreaks as it may lead to widespread panic and economic loss, as occurred with SARS. These factors can be seen at work in the way that the first bird flu death was reported in China,” Dr. Zimmerman stated.

A young woman, Zhou Maoya, died after returning home to the village of Yantan in Annui province to prepare for her wedding. Her family has stated that they did not take her to the hospital because they thought it would not do any good. Officials also note rural Chinese also often cite relatively expensive medical costs as a reason for not seeking treatment when sick.

Although initially authorities attributed her death to pneumonia the resulting political pressure prompted China to invite the World Health Organization to send experts to investigate. The authorities then rescinded the previous position and attributed her death to bird flu based on the similarity of the symptoms that she was reported to exhibit with those of bird flu. The village was quarantined and journalists were denied access. It is not known how many others might be infected in the village. Official announcements were made of plans to vaccinate and cull birds.

A local government official, Fan Qian, told AFP that it was believed Zhou was infected while she was outside of the province.

Fan Tan, a local official, told AFP news that 1,000 birds in Yantan had been culled (killed). Plans were announced to vaccinate 2 million poultry in the area, a huge and difficult task.

Zhang, another official, said authorities had met with all villagers to give them flu vaccinations and to tell them how to protect themselves against the bird flu virus, including not consuming poultry products. It is known that flu vaccinations do not protect against bird flu.

Villagers and local officials minimized the threat. In outlying areas of Yantan, residents said that they did not know of any new outbreaks. Other possible infections have been attributed to similar common causes but there have not been any tests performed validating those attributions.

Fan Litan, a peasant woman from Fantu village, about 2 miles from Yantan, lost many of her ducks, and chickens and also a dog; she has attributed these deaths to the acts of hooligans. She said her family had been extremely frightened when her animals suddenly died. “We were scared to death,” said Fan, standing next to a red sign posted on the outside wall of her home that said: “Prevention and control by the masses is basic for people.” Fan said ducks and chickens are all healthy but she admitted that she had stopped eating poultry. No testing of these birds has been reported yet.

According to a recent AFP report from Liuchang, 59 miles south of Yantan, the obstacles to identifying infections are enormous.

Like many, one Liuchang villager named Wang Hemin said he was concerned and would keep a closer eye on his ducks and chickens, but felt no immediacy since the infection was not in his province. He learned about bird flu on TV, and is aware that officials have come to his village of 2,700 people to warn residents about the virus. They offered guidelines: they told people that poultry which die suddenly could have contracted bird flu and should not be eaten or sold and that such an incident should also immediately be reported. However, the symptoms of H5N1 bird flu were not directly described.

Residents have not yet been fully informed of what symptoms to look for in ill poultry–they are fever, diarrhea, teary eyes and swelling in the legs of the birds. Though a pledge was made earlier in the week to vaccinate 2 million birds immediately, no bird vaccinations in this area have been reported yet.

In another nearby village, Nazahuang, chickens scuttle in and out of houses. One resident, Fan Jiexu, 73, said no officials had yet warned her village to take precautions. Throughout rural areas, it is customary for chickens to scuttle in and out of homes. Ducks and bird often die and are eaten by villagers when it is believed safe to do so.

China has reported 17 avian flu outbreaks as of this week. Despite the Chinese government issued high alerts, critical information is not being adequately communicated to some rural villages. The size of the poultry population, the common and normal occurrence of poultry death on farms, and status of roughly 70% of the poultry population as being kept in backyards are factors complicating infection control.

The head of World Health Organization’s China office, Henk Bekedam, is aware that slow reaction to bird flu threats and difficulty monitoring poultry in the world’s most populous country makes control of its spread challenging.

Testing is required to confirm H5N1 virus, and positive test results lead to the killing of nearby flocks. The incentive for many villagers, officials, and governments to minimize reports of H5N1 virus infections and severe medical and economic complications for making confirmations of infection are obstacles opposing complete and full reporting of the spread and infection rates of the virus.

Retrieved from “https://en.wikinews.org/w/index.php?title=Under-reporting_of_human_Bird_Flu_infections_poses_worldwide_threat&oldid=4547503”

British snooker player Alex Higgins found dead at age 61

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Monday, July 26, 2010

Snooker player Alex Higgins, nicknamed “Hurricane”, was found dead in his apartment in Donegall Road, Belfast, Northern Ireland on Saturday. He was aged 61 and had been suffering from throat cancer since 1997.

Born in Belfast on March 18, 1949, Higgins became the champion of the World Snooker Championship at the age of 23 in 1972. He reached the same achievement again in 1982. Higgins’ final title victory was in the Irish Professional Championship in 1989.

During 1986, he received a fine and was banned from five tournaments after headbutting a director of a tournament. He was also banned from playing for one year in 1990 after threatening to have Dennis Taylor, another snooker player, shot.

Recently, Higgins lost all his teeth as the result of having treatment for his cancer. In May 2010, a charity dinner took place in Manchester, England that raised approximately £20,000 (US$30,997, €23,859, A$34,363, C$31,961) so as to allow surgery for new teeth for him to occur. However, Higgins was considered to be too unhealthy to have the surgery in Marbella, Spain.

Dennis Taylor, now a snooker commentator at the BBC, stated that “[t]here was just something about the way he played the game — there was a little bit of [John] McEnroe in there. I don’t think you’ll ever see a player in the game of snooker like the great Alex Higgins.”

Philip Studd, another commentator of snooker for the BBC, has described the late snooker player as being “snooker’s original troubled genius” and that Higgins was “[c]harismatic, flash, fast, unpredictable, combustible — you just couldn’t take your eyes off the ‘Hurricane’.” Studd continued to explain that “[w]hile he could never match the consistency of Steve Davis or Stephen Hendry, Higgins on his day was the greatest of them all. He touched the heights in 1982 when he won his second world title. He pipped Jimmy White to the final thanks to a break still widely regarded as the finest ever made. His tears of triumph after beating Ray Reardon — wife and baby in arms — remains one of snooker’s most iconic moments. Without Alex ‘Hurricane’ Higgins snooker would never have become one of the most popular television sports in the 1980s and beyond.”

Retrieved from “https://en.wikinews.org/w/index.php?title=British_snooker_player_Alex_Higgins_found_dead_at_age_61&oldid=4463950”

TV host Conan O’Brien accepts US$45 million settlement with NBC

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Thursday, January 21, 2010

After a long night of negotiations, United States television personality and seven-month host of The Tonight Show Conan O’Brien and his network, NBC, have reached a deal that would buy out the contracts of O’Brien and his staff for US$45 million and reinstate Jay Leno as the show’s host starting March 1, O’Brien’s manager told media on Thursday. In this agreement, O’Brien will walk away with more than $33 million. The rest will be distributed to his staff of over 200 people as severance payments.

His manager went on to say that Friday will be O’Brien’s last night serving as host. O’Brien reportedly plans to have an official farewell show with American actors Tom Hanks and Will Ferrell as guests, and with Canadian rock singer Neil Young as the closing musical performance.

As pertains to O’Brien’s next move, ABC has said that it is not interested in hiring him. Fox, on the other hand, which lacks a late-night talk show, expressed “appreciation” for O’Brien’s abilities—but for now nothing more. Comedy Central has also been mentioned as a possible new network home for O’Brien.

When asked about the issue by the Associated Press, a spokesman for O’Brien said he was currently “unavailable” to comment.

Retrieved from “https://en.wikinews.org/w/index.php?title=TV_host_Conan_O%27Brien_accepts_US$45_million_settlement_with_NBC&oldid=2594958”

Planning A Small Business Phone System Installation In Plainfield In


The founders of small businesses often have to juggle and balance many different goals and priorities at the same time. Doing so successfully can be a great way of setting a young company up for further growth, and failing can easily prove to be costly. Many times, these decisions boil down to deciding how much to invest early on in order to allow for free, easier growth further down the road. Failing to allow for enough leeway can mean being forced into expensive emergency spending later on, while paying out too much will lead to scarce resources being squandered.

Thoughts of these kinds attend just about every decision made early on in the life of a small company. Phone System Installation in Plainfield IN, for example, frequently proves to be one of those areas where deciding just how much to invest can prove to be challenging. Fortunately, companies like ICS Networking are often able to help their clients arrive at the appropriate conclusions, ensuring that both the potential for future growth and the ability to save money in the present will be secured.

Phone system installation in Plainfield IN often boils down to factors, in practice, that make these lines especially clear. Many smaller companies today will buy or lease a PBX or similar device fairly early on, seeking to give themselves a long-term leg up by making that kind of investment. Once that piece of equipment has been acquired, though, the question of how to wire a place of business to make the best possible use of it will follow immediately thereafter.

There are good ways of resolving such impasses, and often of using the associated work to pursue other goals at the same time. In some cases, for instance, laying down new phone cabling will naturally open up opportunities for doing the same with networking wiring, allowing for a more cost-effective answer to needs of both kinds. At the same time, thinking about how any decisions that are made will affect the ability of a company to grow and expand in the future will always prove to be worthwhile. For those who succeed at answering such questions, many rewards typically await.

Israel buys nuclear capable subs

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Friday, August 25, 2006

Israel has purchased two more Dolphin class submarines which have the capacity to carry nuclear warheads. Israel already has three older nuclear weapons-capable Dolphin submarines but the new Dolphins have propulsion systems that allow them to remain submerged for longer periods of time, according to the Jerusalem Post, making it harder for them to be tracked by satellite. Experts view the purchase as a clear signal to Iran that Israel can retaliate if subjected to a nuclear attack.

“The Iranians would be very foolish if they attacked Israel,” said Paul Beaver, a British based defence analyst, speaking to the Washington Post. According to Beaver, the submarines would provide Israel with both first strike and second strike capability.

Israel already has land-based nuclear-capable ballistic missiles in the form of the Jericho I and II missiles.

German officials confirm that the contracts for the new submarines was signed July 6. The Jerusalem Post reports that they will be operational shortly.

Israel has never confirmed nor denied that it has nuclear weapons but is believed to have the world’s sixth largest stockpile of the devices, with most outside estimates putting their stockpile in the low hundreds. Israel’s possession of nuclear arms has often been a locus of bitter controversy in the Middle East, especially among countries who believe that the world community, and especially the United States, is hypocritical in its tolerance of Israeli nuclear arms while decrying the efforts of other Middle Eastern nations to develop their own nuclear capabilities.

Meanwhile, the Jerusalem Post reports there is a growing mood among Israel’s defence establishment that the country will have to act independently to stop Iran from obtaining nuclear weapons as the United States is unlikely to do so.

“America is stuck in Iraq and cannot go after Iran militarily right now,” according to an unnamed official quoted by the paper.

A report by the US House of Representatives’ Intelligence Committee released on Wednesday asserts that if Iran arms itself with nuclear weapons, Israel would be pressed to respond militarily. “A nuclear armed Iran would likely exacerbate regional tensions. Israel would find it hard to live with a nuclear armed Iran and could take military action against Iranian nuclear facilities,” the report states. Iran has continually maintained that it seeks only to develop nuclear technology for the production of electrical power, though this has been disputed by many nations.

Retrieved from “https://en.wikinews.org/w/index.php?title=Israel_buys_nuclear_capable_subs&oldid=1975294”