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How To Lose A Pound A Day And Tone Your Abs

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By Carter Hartford

The strategies for how to lose a pound a day, as well as for toning your abdominal muscles do not necessarily have to be treated as mutually exclusive goals. On the contrary, it is possible to burn off all of that excess fat that is stubbornly clinging to your midsection while at the same time, striving hard to strengthen and tone your abdominal muscles.

The way how to lose a pound a day of body fat involves a combination of both diet as well as exercise. Of course, there are many diet programs out there that claim that you can lose weight without exercising, or that you can exercise your way to weight loss. But the fact of the matter is that you really need to follow a program that encourages you to do both at the same time.


It is this two-pronged approach that can yield the maximum amount of sustained weight loss. Note that the operative word here is sustained. In other words, any diet program can help you to lose weight. But once you lose the weight, how do you keep it off? It is no wonder that so many dieters out there have a tendency to regain much of the weight that they had lost: Many of todays modern fad or crash diets offer you a quick and easy way to lose weight rapidly. But the problem is that much of that weight loss is simply water weight. And the rest of it is a combination of both body fat as well as muscle tissue.

If you arent actively working to condition your muscles, then you are, in effect, undermining your weight loss efforts. Muscle burns calories more quickly than fat does. So the more muscle mass your body has, the more efficiently your body is able to metabolize the food you eat and burn it as energy, rather than storing it as fat on your body.

Toning your abdominal muscles has numerous advantages. Of course there is the physical appeal of having nice and slim six pack abs. But then there is the issue of having a strong core. You use your abs for practically every movement you make, such as standing and sitting, lifting things up, and maintaining good posture. So toning your abs is of utmost importance. While you work on strengthening those muscles through various strenuous exercises, it is equally important to burn off all of the excess body fat that happens to be covering up your midsection.

There are many diet plans to help you burn off that excess fat, some of which are very slow and steady, and some of which are rather abrupt. Many nutritionists and medical experts disparage the idea of how to lose a pound a day, when in fact there are indeed safe, healthy, and effective ways in order to be able to achieve weight loss at this rate of speed. And that too, it is entirely possible how to lose a pound a day, without having to starve yourself or deprive yourself of the foods that you love and which you crave.

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Obesity, The Serial Killer Can Be Cured

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Obesity, the Serial Killer can be cured



Are you in search of a surgeon who can cure your obesity without giving fake promise, who delivers the things that he promises and who is doctor but treats you like an angel? He is none other than Dr. Atul N.C.Peters. There is much to say about Dr. Atul Peters as his good works are endless. If you have been suffering from obesity and were not able to search the best bariatric surgeon then now you do not need to worry. Here, is the doctor who is the best bariatric surgeon. Know about him and get treated in time before the pain makes you suffer.

Dr. Atul Peter is a notable bariatric surgeon in Delhi, India who handles Gastric bypass surgery in India very well. He is a successful healer that heals the pain of the patients before they know. At present, he is leading the notable Institute of Bariatric, Metabolic and Minimal Access Surgery at Fortis hospital, Shalimar Bagh positioned in New Delhi. The expounder of doctrine Dr. Peters did his graduation from CMC Ludhiana and has completed his medical training and surgical residency from Sir Gangaram hospital located at the capital New Delhi, followed by fellowship in Advanced Laparoscopy.


Here, is the reason why you do not to need to worry when getting operated from Dr.Peters. He is that healer who won t let you know that you are going through pain. Before you know that you are suffering from pain, he shows his magic wand and treats it before it hampers you more. His particular areas of expertise comprise of Advanced Laparoscopic Bariatric Surgery (for Severe Obesity), Metabolic Surgery (for Diabetes) and GI Surgery. Get

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done by him and get your earlier posture back that you use to have some time back.

He is certified by board in Surgery, by the National Board of Surgery and grasps professional memberships in various National as well as Inter- national surgical societies. He has been contributory in making the department of Minimal Access and Bariatric Surgery in countless reputed organizations and has the uppermost number of international patients for Bariatric.

So, don t be among many people who do not realize the deep effect severe obesity that affects one s mind and body. The ones who are severely obese face social, health and psychological problems. Obesity is not produced by lack of will power as it is commonly believed. Tasks such as maintaining daily hygiene, even tying your shoelaces all become challenging. Thus, do not suffer as now

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done effectively that will help you to maintain quality of your life.

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Weight Loss Surgery: The Express Weight Loss Solution For The 21st Solution

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Weight Loss Surgery: The Express Weight Loss Solution For The 21st Solution


Smith Christine

Public belief about Weight Loss Surgery is fairly of an intense nature. It is widely appeared upon as the final hangout for those who are urgently trying to lose weight by formal means such as exercising and dieting but are not getting the trusted results. This is, even so, far away from true. Latest advancements in Surgery and Medicine have made Weight Loss Surgery not only securer and more low-cost, but as well more popular.


The whole world is dying hard for the ideal weight. It looks, almost everybody among us is not exclusively happy with your bodyweight. You feel that it is far away from what it should be. Unluckily, this is not so far from the reality. Obesity is a really a very large problem the world over. Your hectic lifestyle, rushed meals and reliance on refined foods have made us bulkier and heavier than you should be. To make matters bigger, obesity has been proven to be a possibly serious condition as it builds the body more liable to ailments such as Seizures, cardiac diseases, diabetes, cancer and many more. Exercise and Diet have always been the duplicate cornerstones of every Weight reduction plan. Infinite have profited from them. Even so, the results, in most of the cases, have left a allot to be desired. Fifty years of search shows that Dieting falls short of offering lasting Weight Loss. Not several of you can fight the on-going battle of hunger, weariness, and rigidity. The problem belongs in the fact that diets are planned to put one on a regular eating agenda. Even so, this is drew out regardless of one’s personal preferences. Bariatric Surgery is raising in popularity, an upward course that coincides with the growing numbers of obese peoples. Obesity is not just a matter of being a larger size than what society believes an ideal weight, but it is the consideration of having such an unreasonable amount of body fat that it is unsafe to an individual’s longevity, health and quality of life. Those are not familiar with the creation of obesity are immediate to blame the individual for getting so fat, either by laziness or bad Eating habits. Although exercise and healthy eating are essential to asserting a healthy weight, this is normally not the exclusive cause of one’s obesity. There are several people who have Gastric Band Surgery done so that they can attempt to correct the essences of time and lifetime alternatives on their bodies. Though it is true that this acts upon for a little while, you can never genuinely beat the consequences of time, nor can you turn the clock back and alter your past lifestyle.

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