Fighting A Speeding Ticket Strategies Revealed To Get Out Of Your Next Ticket!

Fighting A Speeding Ticket Strategies Revealed To Get Out Of Your Next Ticket!

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By John Oleander

Fighting a speeding ticket comes in heaps of stratagems. If you desire of getting out of your subsequent over speeding ticket, a religious adherence of these lines of tactics should be warily determined.

Fighting a speeding ticket can be thwarted if a police officer is not able to secure your speed in their records as well as in their radar. The inability of the police officer to do this would mean unbound and void offense since an officer cannot issue a ticket without further evidence. Thus, when an officer happens to pull your car over, it is vital that you search for the radar used together with the speed.

Fighting a speeding ticket can also be done by means of resigning yourself to any forms of guilt. Unconsciously, people tend to set themselves in a situation where they somehow say yes to a question they do not intend to utter. If an officer exclaimed, ‘You were speeding’; an immediate reply of ‘Yes, a little bit’ is also a means of saying ‘Yes, I am guilty’. This should not be the case; remember to be extra cautious of how you answer to an officer’s queries. Unthought-of answers oftentimes lead to further offenses and might pave the way for further violations. What to do in this kind of situation? The situation can be simply reverted like this: An officer exclaimed, ‘You were over speeding’, your reply can be ‘I’m sorry officer but I think I’m just in the right phase and speed’. This answer somehow gives the officer the gut feeling that you are either saying the truth or just making excuses. Therefore, a convincing statement would help you get out of a possible speeding ticket.


Another way of fighting a speeding ticket can also be done by means of responding positively and respectfully to any queries an officer might ask. Hot tempered drivers mostly end up not taking the table to their advantage rather incur further violations as the conversation progresses. With this, you need to be weary of every words and statements to be exclaimed the moment you come face to face with an officer. Keep in mind that officers are given discretion by their superiors and any form of rudeness can immediately resort to auxiliary charges.

Once you’ve been pulled over by an officer, the first thing that comes to mind is, ‘there will be no way out here’. Nevertheless, there are still ways of fighting a speeding ticket even if it entails going to court. If you can formulate continuances to interrupt the hearing then you can do so. If luck permits, failure of an officer to come out and be present during the hearing can mean greater advantage on your part.

Fighting a speeding ticket can also mean being watchful of the rules and regulations set while on the road. It could also be of great help to look at the points left on your license. At times, a mere point left can be a positive drive towards being more alert and watchful while steering your wheels.

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