How The Past And Present Of Cosmetic Surgery Has Changed Generations Of Citizens

How The Past And Present Of Cosmetic Surgery Has Changed Generations Of Citizens

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How The Past And Present Of Cosmetic Surgery Has Changed Generations Of Citizens


Adriana Noton

Cosmetic surgery is a personal and difficult decision. There are many things to consider. In today\’s society it is normal to not be normal. People are not happy with what they see when they look in the mirror. The difference is that now people do something about it. No longer content with waiting for a miracle cure. People are tired of the wait. One does not need much to sample even a small taste of it.

People that do not have a physical but psychological problem are prime candidates. As a society we are overwhelmed with what society deems as beautiful. It is common for a small procedure to turn into an uncontrollable obsession. When something is so easily accepted, it is not hard to diminish the actual risks. The main part of any surgery is anesthesia. Using it is a very delicate process. The wrong amount could cause irreparable damage. Death from anesthesia is common and there are many cases of such unfortunate accidents throughout history.

To get rid of that wrinkle that wasn\’t there yesterday; it is as simple as a phone call and a drive away. A person simply needs to have the funds. Lately a large number of American\’s have been traveling abroad to have work done. Unfortunately, some of those places have very loose laws to become a plastic surgeon. In turn, American doctors have had to do more repair work for botched surgeries. However, that is not to say American doctors do not make mistakes or engage in unethical practices. It is a risk all patients\’ take.


That is unfortunately the case for a lot of people. Ten years ago it was not so open but was always prevalent. From the infamous John Dillinger in the 1920\’s, changing ones appearance is not a new notion. Even the ancients used body changing processes. Ancient Chinese wrapped their women\’s feet in cloth bandages from birth to make them smaller.

In today\’s world it is everywhere one looks. More than just seeing it is also a widely accepted practice. It boils down to each person\’s own perspective of beauty. Some people are disgusted by the thought of changing their appearance in such a drastic manner. Most overlook the fact that putting on make-up or dying your hair is the same thing. It is just another level of steps one can take to alter their true appearance.

Like any obsession, it takes over some people\’s lives. Others just want one or two small changes and never return. There are some that are not satisfied after one visit. They see imperfections where there are none.

One woman has changed so much, she no longer looks human. After so many procedures she looks more cat-like than human. Another woman tops even that with 52 different procedures.

Cosmetic surgery is not to be taken lightly. A lot of thought is needed before making such a decision. Researching doctors\’ backgrounds is one of the main priorities before committing to a procedure. Down time from work or other daily activities needs to be taken into account as well.

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