Lighten Your Rc Helicopters Model

Lighten Your Rc Helicopters Model

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You can get to know how to lighten rc helicopters models. For best performance of your models, lightness is very important, apart from a very careful construction, available to a few connoisseurs who know all the tricks.

In many online pictures you can see that points are arriving from the lighter, including electronic cables are replaced by a smaller section, other than to eliminate all unnecessary plastic. The rc helicopters propeller Axi 22o3 can be also lightened with a carbon propeller, after these light touches and quality components are obtained weights below 100 grams, this coupled with other secrets is what makes the plane has no inertia in flight.

Another way to lighten the engine, change the motor shaft, carbon steel, the results are spectacular, even the screw shaft to the housing is replaced by a carbon intern.

Steel shaft and propeller GSW

To perform this operation is very simple, apart from very fast, only doubt would be centering on the motor shaft, if undesirable vibrations appear. MicroDAM Motor, 1700 Kv, 2-3 polyps, 12.1 gms of weight. As we all know by now, the performance of our blades is one of the most important parts of the preparation of our model, both in competition and in the flight Sport. So we must keep in mind that balancing is critical to the performance of our rc helicopters propellers. Small vibrations can cause an improperly balanced propeller; it can result in a loss of power in our engine and a long-term decline. To correct my small imbalances have created the following propeller balancer. The mechanism is very simple, I just need two magnets strong enough to withstand the horizontal propeller and shaft of sharp, so we have less contact with the magnet.

In the case of a mismatch between the blades that are too high, it is not recommended (as seen in some drivers) cut the blade which weighs more, so that equal masses. This creates a performance difference between a shovel and another, a bigger problem than the imbalance of the propeller. Since a bucket pushes more than another.

If we have this gap and it is so high, it is more advisable to add weight to the lighter blade, this can be done simply with nail polish on the tip of the blade lighter. Try To clarify the rc helicopters doubts. You’ve probably seen many models in some parking lot of shopping centers, entertainment, vacant lots, soccer fields, etc. Get yours today.