Read Your Boyfriend’s Text Messages Online

Read Your Boyfriend’s Text Messages Online

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By Vicky L

You can read your boyfriend’s text messages online with the right programs. These are available online, and they vary quite a bit. You will want to make sure that the software has all the features that you want before you buy it. Price is also something that will differ between programs as well. Make sure you actually compare the features and prices before you narrow it done to a couple choices. Some may seem like more money, but they will include more as well.

With something called smart phone spy software you can read your boyfriend’s text messages online. You will have to install the program right onto the phone and set it up. After that it runs completely silently, there is nothing on the phone that will alert him that the program is there. Once it is there, it will record all the messages that are sent from and received. Then, using the internet connection on the phone it will send all the recordings to a separate account online.


You can read your boyfriend’s text messages online by logging into your account at the database where all the recordings are sent. I am not talking about just a list of times that the messages were sent. You will actually be able to read every message there in detail. I cannot promise that you will like everything that you read, but they will be there. Even the messages that got deleted off the phone are recorded and sent to this account for you to view.

As I stated before, you can get different features with some of these programs. Some of them will allow you to view all the pictures and videos that are taken with his phone. Others will also give you a GPS location throughout the day as well. You should realize that not every program will run the way I have described them. Some of them simply forward the messages and this is not very effective. You could also end up with a huge bill since you might get charged again for the forwarding. This type of system also has the potential to show up on his phone as well.

You can read your boyfriend’s text messages online with the right program. You will want one that is secure, and runs without forwarding the messages. Yes you want them sent to an account, but that can be done over the internet without risking additional charges. This method is also less likely to ever show up on the phone at all. This is also why you need a smart phone for the software.

Read your boyfriend’s text messages online, but make sure that you get the right type of software to do it. I assume you are trying to be sneaky so you are not going to want a program that will give itself away. You should also make sure that the software you considered is compatible with the model of phones you have as well as the carriers. This information should be available on the websites for you to see before you actually make a purchase of any of the products.

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