Sympathy Cards What To Write

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Sympathy Cards What To Write

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You can give sympathy cards to friends who lost their loves ones as a way to show your empathy and love. Instead of purchasing readymade cards, you can just make your own. Making your own sympathy or condolence card makes it much more heartwarming and sincere. Since you can personalize the cards, you can write down a personal message. However, what does one write on a sympathy or condolence card? You might have a hard time thinking about what to write since you don’t know where to start. You have to think hard on what is appropriate to write. This article will talk about what you can write on the sympathy or condolence cards.

Making a message for condolence or sympathy cards is not the time to go to details. You do not have to write down a novel describing how you feel and that you are sorry for their lost. A few short sincere sentences will work wonders. Make the message for your printable sympathy cards straight to the point. You can use phrases like “With our deepest sympathy” or “We treasured your (mother, father, brother, sister, etc) very much. We share your loss” and even “our thoughts and prayers are will you always.” You don’t have to be creative in writing, just write what you mean.


Another way to show your love to the deceased person is to make a small collage of photos of times you shared together. Since printable sympathy cards let you use photos, you can gather up a few pictures and use it as a background or a design on the card. Highlight the fun and happy memories you and the person had and why they mean a lot to you. You can even choose just a single photo that shows something special about the person, like their favorite place to have a vacation, something they love doing, etc. Let the photos say what you want to say.

If you fell that you can make a message, you can use inspirational quotes on your sympathy cards. Search the next for quotes that you seem fit for the person who is grieving. You can also use spiritual quotes. The Sending out printable sympathy cards is a way for you to help the person through the mourning and grieving process, it shows that you are there for them though the challenge that they are going though. A small message of support can give them all the strength they need to get by.

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You can give sympathy cards to friends who lost their loves ones as a way to show your empathy and love.Author: Debbie Tilley